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2023 Downtown Banner Program

The Downtown Banner Program is managed by the DBRC which schedules, approves, and designs banners for placement. DBRC will manage 40 poles along the South White Horse Pike Revitalization District.

Most of the key strategies proposed by the revitalization team include facade and sign design, pedestrian-friendly design, open space planning relate to the physical qualities of the downtown and historic preservation. It is critical, however, that an abundance of attractive design features may not make a downtown a distinctive place without coordinated public-private partnerships. 

The Downtown Banner Program offers the opportunity to support revitalization through sponsoring a street light pole banner.  Community groups and businesses can take advantage of the program as a cost-effective, high-impact, place-based tool for engaging the public, promoting events, and connecting supporting businesses’ brand awareness in the Downtown.

Pole Banner elevation-01.jpg

Event organizers, nonprofit groups, place-based businesses and public information campaigns may display on Downtown lampposts to promote charitable, educational, arts, community, and public interest activities and events, and to promote business sponsors in revitalization. DBRC prohibits the use of banners for political campaigns.

Pole Banner Type
Vertical banners will be installed on streetlight lampposts in the Downtown district. Lamppost banners make a big visual impact, creating a buzz around Downtown in the business district where up to thousands of people see them each day.  There will be single and double hung banners, and single banners with hanging florals.

Banner Features

• durable and weather resistent
• vibrant digital color quality
• 2 sided reinforced vinyl
• designs for impact and visibility
• hanging florals
• high level of community ownership

Banner Design
All banners in the program will be designed by the
DBRC Design Assistance Team (DAT). Design services
are included in the sponsor contract.

Sponsor logos will be appropriately sized and not to exceed
25% of the overall banner space.  Logo may extend full width
of the banner but not to exceed 12” high. Website businesses are not eligible to sponsor.  Political messages are not permitted.


Review and Acceptance
The Downtown Berlin Revitalization Corp will approve all applications. Allow up to 6 weeks for review and design consultation. The Downtown Banner Program is available to new applications when poles are available.

Scheduling and Placements
Contracts are negotiated initially on a first come, first served basis subject to approval by the DBRC, and secondly, by first right of refusal for the previous year pending availability of banner poles, and in accordance with Borough regulations and DBRC Downtown Banner Program policy.

DBRC manages all designs.  A design consultant will work with all applicants. Design will be provided with each approved application.  One revision on one design is included with each contract.  DBRC will provide all final print-ready digital designs.
Design communication is provided via email.

DBRC controls the final placement of all banners.

Approved applicants are required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement to reserve pole locations.

Less than 4 poles will not be scheduled.

$360 annual contract *
Design Services
1 Banner/2 Sides
Printing and Installation

Design Replacement: $150

Program Timeline
1.  Complete and submit application.
2.  Submit the online agreement below.
3.  Annual contract must be paid in full before design services begin. *
4.  Work with DBRC Design Consultant on banner design.
5.  Proof sent within 2 weeks of design consultation.
6.  Applicant to approve design and print release within 1 week of proof submission.
7.  Banners installed 4-6 weeks upon design release.  Minimum of 10 banner applications pending.


Now accepting applications for contract year:  Jan 2022-2023

To Apply
Complete and submit an Application form below or contact an organizer at the Downtown Berlin Revitalization Corp.
Address:  160 South White Horse Pike  | Berlin, NJ | 08009
Telephone:  856-809-6250

Yes, include my business in the 2022-23 Downtown Banner Program

I understand that in order for my request to sponsor a downtown pole banner to be approved, I must agree to the terms and conditions of Downtown Berlin Revitalization Corp Design Assistance Team’s recommended banner design and placement. I also agree to hold harmless the DAT and its individual members, DBRC (including its staff), and the Borough of Berlin.

Thank you for sponsoring DBRC Banner Program and downtown revitalization. Our Design Assistance Team will be contracting you within the program timeline.

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