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2024 Downtown Facade & Signage Design Grant Program

Downtown Berlin Revitalization Corp (DBRC) has established a Facade & Signage Design Grant Program which is funded through downtown community partners, sponsors, and grants, in partnership with the Borough Council. The program is available to downtown property owners and business owners for rehabilitation of building facades, branding, and marketing assistance including upgrading signage. The goal of the program is to unify and improve downtown aesthetic in order to enhance existing businesses, attract redevelopment planning and increase property value.

The Design Assistance Team (DAT) works alongside the DBRC and will institute and carry out the program.


The program offers two (2) main services with the addition of business promotion and marketing at events:


The program also offers a grant of $500 toward implementation of facade, signage, or marketing implementation with approved application.

DBRC plans to award up to 4 applicants in 2024.



•     Building/business must be located in the Downtown.  
•     Applicant must be approved by DBRC Design Assistance Team.
•     Applicant must submit application prior to the commencement of any work.
•     Applicant must provide financial verification of ability to fund implementation of project.
•     Buildings will be evaluated by its historical/architectural significance, with priority given to buildings with inappropriately applied facades that cover windows, or are unsightly, and out-of-scale.
•     Proposed changes to the building’s facade will not remove, alter, damage, or cover up significant architectural features of the building that either are original, or reflect a major alteration that has historic architectural value.  At the same time, proposed changes will assist in creating a unified and attractive appearance to the building and the block.
•     Changes to the building’s facade must be consistent with DBRC design objectives of which is to:
   - Partially or fully restore the original appearance of the building  
   - Represent a modern treatment which blends into and is compatible with the building, and the block
   - Restore to an appearance that is consistent with the historic district
   - Restore to an appearance that is consistent with the downtown vision and branding
•     All improvements must meet any applicable ordinances of the Borough.
•     Services will be provided as follows:
   - Initial consultation to review property and business goals
   - Plans and Specifications outlining scope of work, including signage approach review
   - Design comprehensives and selection phase
   - Work with contractor/s to provide design elevations and drawings, and/or other design considerations including vector graphics for sign production, print and/or web related marketing products.  Samples of all paint colors for facade and signage will be provided

Design Assistance Team Review

All applications will be reviewed by the DBRC DAT to assure that the project plans are consistent with the intent of the specific and applicable terms of the Program. Following the review of the application, the DAT will make one of the following recommendations: 

(1) Approved
(2) Approved with changes

(3) Approved waiting on implementation funding confirmation  

(4) Denied due to non ability to fund project

Work of the project must begin within 90 days after approval by the DAT.


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