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Tapped In Ep1: They, is We

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The DBRC recorded its first podcast, entitled Tapped In, at the Berlin Brewing Co. on March 1. Tapped In intends to chronicle the path to revitalization for downtown Berlin, New Jersey. In the episode, entitled "They, is WE," Berlin Borough Councilman Len Badolato joined to discuss his journey as a resident of Berlin, and the founding of the Downtown Berlin Revitalization Corporation. He shared his vision for the town as the organization’s efforts progress forward.

They then shifted focus to host George Kemery, who has been appointed as the new President of the DBRC. George is a teacher at Eastern High School and has a history of involvement in various non-profit and community organizations. He shares the Creative Placemaking success story of Lot 323, an arts, culture, and sustainable design initiative that he championed alongside a group of community heroes by founding The FAF Coalition in his previous hometown of Woodbury, NJ.

DBRC board members Ed and Michele Secrest, Stephanie Walls, and Kevin McElroy also joined them at the table. Ed, Vice President of the DBRC, and Michele, owners of the Berlin Brewing Co., discussed their time in the neighborhood and their hopes for its future. Michele also shared her involvement in a few of the DBRC’s projects. Lastly, Stephanie shared her thoughts on what it would take to see success in the DBRC’s efforts and invited listeners to the Vision Board Meeting that took place on Sunday, March 12 at the Comtekh building.

If anyone is interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with the DBRC, they can attend a future meeting, which takes place every third Monday of the month. They can also visit

You're welcome to come to our next recording on Wednesday, April 5, at the Berlin Brewing Co. For more information on the topics discussed in the last episode, please visit the links below.

Here are a few of the links relevant to our conversations.


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